Heeled Sandal | SHOEDAZZLE

New heels from ShoeDazzle!

These heeled sandals are breathtaking! They are officially my favorite heels in my entire shoe collection (which is pretty big)! The heels on these sandals are so comfortable. What else could a girl ask for? Maybe one that is comfortable and beautiful? Well, I certainly got both here and you don’t hear people complementing the heel in a sandal, ever! It is clear (very trendy right now), but with a gold tone from the middle down. Almost as if gold liquid was added inside the heel. ShoeDazzle offers it in multiple color/patterns which I loved them all, but I choose this color because it is more versatile so I can wear it all year long. I created today outfit inspired by the shoes. A sophisticated, sexy and trendy outfit.

Outfit Details

  • Heels – ShoeDazzle
  • Blazer – Shoedazzle
  • Skirt -BHWM
  • Bag – Gucci
This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is img_48922.jpg

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