Did you ever hear of sweat/lounge shorts? I can’t believe I hadn’t until I saw these last week.

I am not saying I never saw them before just never heard of them. Honestly, they remind me of something I have seen Billie Eilish in and never thought I would see myself in, that is until last week. Haha. As I was browsing ShoeDazzle I came across this piece and it seemed comfortable, so I envisioned myself in them and got it. They arrived home and I was very curious to try them and I honestly just kept them on the rest of the day. They are amazing! How come I don’t own one hundred of them? These shorts are made for busy moms like me. Run here, jump there, crab this, lay here, it does it all. It’s not a piece Ill wear out, unless to run errands, but it is a must have!

Outfit Details

  • Shorts – Shoedazzle
  • Sneakers – SheIn
  • Top – SheIn
This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is img_48922.jpg

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