Denim Shorts | romwe

Sorry, but I had to do it. Haha. I just had to take a few pictures with my jeep as this was the last day I was going to have it and I wanted some photos of my first big baby for memories ( I never took pictures with it before).

He (yes its a he) wasn’t my very first car as I had an old (I mean old) Jeep prior to this one that was giving to me to use until I was able to buy a car. This was the first car Paul and I purchased together and selected ourselves. So to me it’s my official first. This was my dream car a few years back and to think I got the car I wanted exactly the way, color and trim I wanted was a dream come true and I literally happy danced when I found it. It was a blessing, but it was time for it to go due to millage and a few issues showing up.

I not only took pictures, but made two Instagram reels which I will post soon. No I am not dramatic, Haha. It simply was a big milestone in my life with lots of joy and I want to remember it all from how the car looked to the details I loved so much. So, which better way to remember it than showing another passion I have with it, fashion. Styling another item from Romwe, my new favorite denim shorts. They are simple, but classy, casual but chic! I decided to dress it up a bit sense I usually style denim shorts with sneakers and loved the end result. What’s your favorite way to style denim shorts?

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Outfit Details

  • Denim Shorts – Romwe
  • Top – SheIn
  • Blazer – Zara
  • Bag – SheIn
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