Sequin Evening Dress | EVER PRETTY

Valentines Day is just around the corner and I decided to “dress to impress”. I went all out this time with a gorgeous Ever Pretty sequin dress. I am not a person you to style anything shiny or bright, but this dress makes it worth it. It will make you the topic of the room while looking chic and classy. It hugs the body perfectly and not too tight. Ever Pretty also offers it in multiple other colors, this one being the rose gold, but to me it just looks gold, which I actually like better. This gown will look stunning on a fancy dinner or special holiday.

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Outfit Details

2 thoughts on “Sequin Evening Dress | EVER PRETTY

  1. Ana,
    you are a beautiful lady, and you nearly always look stunning, but in my opinion, Silver is not for you.
    If you wear a Silver dress, you cannot wear light coloured shoes/sandals.
    Also you needed a nice contrast necklace…

    Only my opinion.


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