How to look luxurious on a budget | SHEIN

How to Look Expensive on a Budget

Want to feel and look your best without breaking the bank? Today, I wanted to share a few tips I have learned to help you look put together with items you find at great online shops like @SheIn. You don’t need $80 shirt and $200 shoes to look like a million bucks, but instead it is very possible to with a similar $13 dollar blouse and $10 pumps! Before I get started I wanted to go through my outfit and show you how much it was to create it.

  • Top – SheIn (S) $13
  • Coat – SheIn (S) $28
  • Bag – SheIn $14
  • Pants – Zara (6) $45
  • Pumps – ShoeDazzle (8.5)  $10 for new sign up

This entire outfit cost $110, but looks far more expensive. They are also neutral items that are versatile and can mostly be styled all year long. They all fit me correctly and without much details or effort give me a classy, chic, effortless look.

P.s. Remember to shop sales and always keep an eye for coupons to get even more out of your money. Use Q3lookchicblog15 for extra 15% off anything SheIn!

Now, lets get started!

1. Make sure you are buying clothes in the correct size and shape to compliment your body type. Clothes that are too tight or too loose regardless of the price will make it look like you just grabbed anything you could find and threw it on. I know from personal experience that finding clothes that fit just right or are the correct length is not an easy task, but not impossible. Which is why I always try everything I can on and when I find something that fit just right, like these pants from ZARA I am willing to throw a little extra money. It will compliment anything I wear with it and last decades.

2. Be simple. Less is always more! You don’t see rich people walking around with a huge logo on each item or advertising a brand.  Avoid flashy jewelry or embellishments clothes, instead opt for a plain and clean item with good quality fabric. If styling name brands with logos try to style only one item at a time such as a bag or belt.

3. Add at least one luxurious item of the following list when creating an outfit to automatically look put together: Blazer, Trench coat, Pencil Skirt, button-up, plain dark jeans, dress pants or black pumps.

4. Iron/steam your clothes and keep them clean. Wrinkles or stains will automatically make your clothes look cheaper and there is no need to wash everything you wear every time, but do check it after each wear and clean any little spots that might have gotten dirty. Doing this will make you always look polished.

5. Keep your whites white and get rid of any color that starts to fade or change.

6. Invest in good quality shoes and bags.

Lastly, add a simple statement jewelry piece will go a long way. Style a small necklace, earrings, bracelet, or watch . Avoid plastic, chrome and instead go for metal, leather or gold/silver items.  Have any more tips? Leave them down on the comment bellow.

Outfit Details

  • Top – SheIn (S) $13
  • Coat – SheIn (S) $28
  • Bag – SheIn $14
  • Pants – Zara (6) $45
  • Pumps – ShoeDazzle (8.5)  $10 for new sign up

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