Croc Embossed Boots | SHEIN

With fall almost over and the chillier weather starting to come I wanted to style shorts and boots for the last time this year and showoff my very first croc-embossed booties. This pattern is seen everywhere for many years, but no item ever caught my eye until this year. As I was strolling through many of the SheIn items I came across these boots in black and it stood out compared to the other black boots I own. Once I clicked on it I fell in love with all the other color options. I had decided on the brown, but the apricot just wouldn’t leave my mind alone, so I had to get it and I adore it! They are effortless to style and match anything from a casual look as shown here, to fancier outfit such as a skirt and trench coat. Which color is your favorite, and how would you style it? I would love to know in the comments.

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Outfit Details

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