Black Friday | EVER PRETTY

Have you been looking for your holiday dress or the perfect outfit for a special event? This is the time to shop! With this years Black Friday sales going on basically all month there is no reason to miss on great deals. Ever Pretty has jump started their sales with gorgeous dresses currently on sale for your prom, bridesmaids or holiday party. Today, I am styling one of my favorite dresses from their new collection, an off-shoulder tulle dress.

This charming dress will make you feel gorgeous with zero effort put in. It is simple and elegant. It has an A-line silhouette which gives a beautiful shape and little polka dots that sparkle all throughout the dress. It also has a little details that I am absolute in love with. The fabric that drapes down on the shoulders. It gives a feminine feel when it drapes, but it can also be worn up to fully cover your shoulders if you wanted too. It is a unique detail that you don’t see very often when shopping for a gown. It is perfect for a formal party, prom or a wedding. Shop this look with 25% off over $50 with Blogger25 !!

Outfit Details

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