Brown Amynda Flat Sandal | ShoeDazzle

A few weeks ago I shared this look/post with you guys featuring a lovely black sandal from ShoeDazzle. I did mention that I loved it so much that I wanted to get it in brown. Well, I did! I couldn’t help it. They are just perfect! These sandals are now my go-to sandals for summer. I love flat sandals because they are comfortable to style all day long. Lets be honest, heels are beautiful and make every outfit instantly fancier, but it is not a daily shoe.

Today I am styling a casual outfit that still looks put together and makes it seem like I took my time to create it. It was actually very easy as I first decided on the shoe and simply wanted a color that showcased the brown well and I think the white with blue stripes did just the job. A waist belt was added to accentuate the waist and break the stripes. A round, straw summer bag was added as well to match and carry all my essentials. This look is great for work, running errands or even brunch.

Outfit Details

  • Sandals – ShoeDazzle
  • Dress – SheIn
  • Bag – SheIn
  • Belt – SheIn

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