Amynda Flat Sandal | ShoeDazzle

I hope everyone is staying safe and doing well. Basically everyone I know has been tested positive lately so we have been staying away from everyone (they are all doing well). My family and I however are doing great and our baby boy should arrive in the next two weeks tops. We have been taking our time at home to spend with our girls and work on the nursery which is almost done and looks stunning (I will show you guys soon)! We also have officially set up the strollers, bassinet, car seat and babybag. So baby, we are ready!

I was feeling pretty cute this week so I asked my husband to take a few pictures as we went for a small walk. Not trying to brag, but at 38 weeks I could walk for days with my new sandals from ShoeDazzle, Haha. Where have they been all my life, honestly? These sandals are so classy and chic. They allow me to wear fancier clothes and still be in flats, which I love! I am so obsessed with them that I want to order another pair already just because I know I will wear these like crazy. I might just order them in brown as well, because, why not. Haha. They are so comfy and flattering and surprisingly they call a good amount of attention because Paul kept on complimenting them. They are on sale right now for VIP member at ShoeDazzle for only $19 and I would buy them even if they were $50! So, don’t miss out.

Outfit Details

  • Sandals – ShoeDazzle
  • Dress – Venus
  • Bag – ShoeDazzle
  • Vest – SheIn

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