Navy Silk Short Pajamas | Ever Pretty

Happy Mothers day to all the mama bears out there, specially my mom and mother in law who I love so much and are stunning moms. This morning I woke up to a large basket filled of freshly baked Brazilian goods. From coffee to juice and cakes to sweets (thank you my love). Following that I had my little ones come and hand me the cutest little surprises they made. I was able to get a picture with my oldest daughter, but the little one had gone for her nap. All together it was an amazing morning with a busy day ahead. We also headed to my mothers house to have a delicious lunch and later to my mother in laws house for dinner. How has your mothers day gone so far? Let me know in the comments bellow.

Aside from mothers day I wanted to show you guys another great gift I received from Ever Pretty. As mentioned on this previous post they are now offering workout clothes, pajamas and more. Today I am showing my new, gorgeous, silk pajamas. To say I love it is an understatement. You can tell I am enjoying myself a little too much as I take these pictures. Haha. I have worn them only one hundred times by now and will continue too. They seem as if they were made for me. My favorite color, fabric, design and its shorts sense I am not too fond about pajama pants, but if you are they do have many available. This set is only $23 and is also offered in black.

Shop this with coupon  Blogger15 for 15% off anything over $40 at Ever Pretty!

Outfit Details

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