White square tip sandals | ShoeDazzle

I’ve officially joined the group that does their makeup and dresses up to stay at home. You could say boredom got to me, but as ShoeDazzle would say I am simply slaying at home and proud. Lets be honest, after a few weeks of not getting my hair, nail and eyebrows done I certainly didn’t feel my best. My clothes ranged from my husbands shorts to his T-shirts, until ShoeDazzle inspired me to get ready by sending me these gorgeous new sandals. I immediately had to try it on with a cute outfit. Once all done I loved it so much I had to go for a little walk downtown for absolutely no reason, except to feel cute and enjoy the weather. Haha. Oh boy, what is quarantine doing to me?

Getting back into the subject of what made this all get started, these white lace up sandals from ShoeDazzle. How perfect are they? Extremely trendy with the square tip and the lace up details. Comfortable, low height, super versatile and they will match literally anything! These are my 2020 favorite spring shoes, no doubt!

Outfit Details

  • Dress – Burlington
  • Heels – ShoeDazzle
  • Bag – GG

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