Quilted Cross-body Bag | ShoeDazzle

Have you been bored at home these past few days? I know I was, so it’s the perfect time to clean out your closet and organize your spring wardrobe as well as shop online for great spring deals. This week I received a few new items from ShoeDazzle including this lovely blush pink bag. It matches anything and looks so cIassy. I had to try it on with something so I decided I would organize everything in my closet and find the perfect outfit to showcase this new beauty. As I was cleaning I found this dress which I’ve only worn once because I couldn’t see it way in the back of my dresses. The blue seemed like the perfect contrast to the pink purse and all together gave a clean spring vibe.  I can’t wait to actually wear this look out for real instead of just steeping outside for a few seconds.

P.S If you have any ideas to keep yourself and your kids entertained during quarantine please let me know!

Outfit Details

  • Dress – SheIn
  • Heels – ShoeDazzle
  • Bag – ShoeDazzle


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