Pea Black Coat | Big News!! | SheIn

The new year has come and with it a huge surprise to Paul and I. Many changes have happened sense December and we have been crazy busy all together, but before I get to the big news I wanted to showcase the perfect Sunday church outfit for this chilly weather.  Re-creating this look is easy and we tend to own all the needed pieces in our closet. I started with a high waist midi skirt. I love dresses and skirt for church or work sense they are appropriate and  stylish. When choosing a skirt I wanted something comfortable, that shapes the body accordingly and versatile. An ivory color was just perfect for the end of year vibe, but adding a colorful or bold pattern skirt would also look stunning. I kept the look classy with all black from top to heels. If it was colder a sweater would have worked perfectly as well. To finish off the look a piece that most of us own and if you don’t you need! A black tweed coat. This coat is cozy and stitched to follow your body shape to perfection. It is currently only $26 and you can use Q3lookchicblog15 for extra 15% off!

So now to the big news…. I am 9 weeks pregnant of our fourth baby!  I can’t even believe I am writing this. This is the main reason I have disappeared this passed month. I have been so sick, nauseous, tired and everything else you can imagine. My belly is already the size it was at four months (you cant see it because high waited loose skirts are miracle workers) of my first baby and clothes is already starting not to fit.

My bed is now my best friend. I visit it every time I can which is not much with an one year old. Haha. It was the biggest shock we have had so far after the first child. It was certainly never planned, but children are always a blessing so we are ready for the final baby. We already have names picked out for both boy or girl and I am slightly hoping for another girl, but think it will be a boy. What do you think it’ll be?

Outfit Details

  • Coat – SheIn
  • Top – SheIn
  • Skirt – Idk
  • Heels – Target

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