Dye Striped Sweater | SheIn

How cute is this sweater? I received it this passed week from SheIn and I just can’t get enough of all their fall clothes. They are so comfortable, cozy, warm and gorgeous! This sweater is different than any I own, filled with details in each stripe and many shades that make this piece look way pricier than it actually is. Cute sweaters make dressing up to go anywhere so simple. You can be wearing jeans or a skirt, just add a fun or detailed sweater and your outfit will look great. Heeled boots will dress it up and sneakers or flat boots will dress them down. They are great additions to our closet and can be worn all winter long as well.

Use Q3lookchicblog15 for extra 15% off!

Outfit Details

  • Sweater – SheIn
  • Jeans – Khols
  • Boots – ShoeDazzle

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