Floral Dress | Ever Pretty

What are rules made for if not to be broken? Especially when it comes to fashion. Many people believe once fall comes around you put your florals away and wait into spring/summer again. However, you can absolutely wear florals in the fall though it doesn’t sound quite right to most people. We tend to style floral mainly in spring and summer, which makes sense, but if you choose the correct floral it will work perfectly such as this dress from Ever Pretty. The secret is to go away from pinks and light tones all together. Make sure the background is black, dark blue or any deep color and the flowers too. For warmth you can always add a blazer, jacket or coat and booties would also look stunning too. I choose heeled sandals since it wasn’t that cold and it gave more of a romantic feel. 

I can’t tell you how much I love this dress. It actually reminded me of a dress my mom used to have as a kid which is initially why I chose it (funny how fashion always comes back). It fits like a glove and shapes the body beautifully. It is classy and romantic. The colors are beautiful and the attention they put into details is unbelievable. This dress features ruffles on the bottom as well as a slit on the side with buttons which you can choose to open or not.  I wear a size 2, but ordered a size 4 instead. It had a little room, but I loved the fit. This dress is $40, but is currently on sale for $16 with many other Ever Pretty dresses. They are all so pretty and worth every penny. Make sure to check them out.

Use Blogger15 for 15% off any dress over $40 at Ever Pretty!

Outfit Details

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