Anti Theft Backpack | Dolorey

This week flew by and it seems the days don’t have enough hours for me to catch up on everything I have to do. With work, home, kids, blog and a little trip coming up the day seems to have only two hours. News is , I am going to New York for the first time in about month! I am so excited and really hope to see what fall actually looks like. If not, it just gives me another reason to go again next year. Haha.

While planning for the trip I was looking for a casual backpack to take with me. When looking through Doloreys website I realized they had this gorgeous backpack and right away I decided on it. I than looked through the details and realized it was an anti theft backpack. I didn’t even know that existed! How cool and practical is that. This bag is spacious, chic, fun and safe. The zipper stays on the inside so no one can access it except you. Dolorey has so many gorgeous products. They are all very unique and the quality is unbelievable. Shop now and you can use LOOK15 for $15 off your purchase!

Outfit Details

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