Leggings With Phone Pocket | SheIn

Working out is a big part of my life. I workout around 2-3 days of the week. Not only to be in shape and healthier, but to also feel better about myself. A well fitted outfit is a must in order to workout comfortably. I hate having to constantly lift my leggings up, check if they are marking anything, are see through or even worse they don’t have a place to put my phone.

I workout with Pandora/Youtube on my phone. Music motivates me and makes me push harder than what I thought I could, but it is very hard doing that if I have to put my phone on the machine and the headphone strings (yes, I am an oldie, I don’t like wireless headphones. Ill loose them in a day.) don’t reach or I’m running outside and have to hold my phone in my hands.

I showcase a lot of SheIns different items, but I never showcased their workout clothes so I decided to try one. I am so glad I did. These leggings are made for me. They are not see through, light weight, high waited, cute and most importantly, It has pockets! It is only $10 and you can use my coupon Q3lookchicblog15 for 15% off!

Outfit Details

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