Vest and Shorts Set | SheIn

Things are back in full swing with the holiday gone and the hurricane. I’ll admit, I have been exhausted lately with errands, work and kids, but I finally feel like I am all up to date on everything. So this week I was able to enjoy life a little and have some fun. I played volleyball with some friends, hung out downtown, went to the gym, watched a few movies and ate at a few restaurants. So basically, this week was great, aside all the rain.

Today, I’m focusing on matching sets. I am not a crazy fan of matchy-matchy clothes often sense it leaves a small room for creativity in styling it. You can, however still chance the look a bit by adding creative and individual accessories or you can style the sets separately which makes it very versatile. This is the third matching set I own and I think it might be my favorite so far. I am styling a button front vest and a high waited shorts. I choose this set in a feminine coral/pink, but SheIn also offers it in light blue. This set is chic and classy. It is the perfect outfit to style to a beach party, boat, or lunch on a sunny day.

Don’t forget to use my coupon code Q3lookchicblog15 for an extra 15% off!

Outfit Details

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