Kids Playroom Design Ideas

Welcome to our playroom! I have shared a few photos and videos of the process of making my daughters playroom on Instagram. My daughters has so many toys that I honestly did not know what to do anymore, so I decided to put my two daughters in the same bedroom and make the extra bedroom their playroom. It was the best decision I made!

I am finaly able to say, we are all done! The only thing that will be changed is the fan. We bought a new one, we just haven’t had the time to switch it up yet. We moved back into our home a few months ago after the fire and we have slowly started to re-decorate our house little by little. Today I wanted to share a little piece of it with all of you! When decorating, I looked for furniture that would allow me to store and organize the toys as much as possible. Also, I would wait and buy what I really wanted regardless of the price, rather than a cheaper version, that I would eventually want to get rid off. I love the decorating process even if it takes time. 

Shop All the used furniture and details by clicking on the highlighted name of the product below each picture.

White 6 Cube StorageOwl Tree Wall StickerPink Trashcan

My older daughter loves reading and I started a reward system after she started to get a few red days in her class. To motivate her to get green everyday (green means she was good, and obedient) she receives a new book every Saturday when she gets green all five days at school. She loved the idea so much that she has been getting a new book every week for the passed months. The book stack started to and is still growing so I dedicated a piece of the playroom to be her library. A simple cube storage did just the job. All I had to do in label each cube, Portuguese Books, Christian Books, Regular Books and Chapter Books. The bottom two cubes for now are Coloring Books and Drawing Books.

TepeePaper FlowersOwl trow PillowWhite Fur RugString Light

This tepee was giving to Rachel by my mother-in-law. It was the centerpiece of the playroom and I choose where everything else would go according to where I thought the tepee would look best. I initially wanted it in the corner of the room, but it took too much space so I place it right across the entry door so it’s the first thing you see. I used some paper flowers I made for Bellas baby shower to decorate the wall behind the tepee and kept the flower theme all through out the room.

Doll HouseKitchen Set

I also created an Art Wall. This is where I can put up a few of my families crafts and drawings. I only put the most important ones sense we have like a million and I wanted room to add some in the future. I love this idea as it’s the part of the playroom my daughter loves to show off as she made most of the paintings. I placed her doll house and kitchen on the bottom near the window so they can play in natural light.

Storage Organizer(12, didn’t have 25 anymore), Plastic Drawer Organizer,

Plain Storage Bin,  Floral Storage Bin, Kids Table Set

Now to my favorite part of the room. To the left we have a large 25 cube storage furniture. This was my life saver! I placed all the board games on the top row (I still have more, we love games). On the second row down I bought organizing drawers and labeled them. Inside each drawer I have my daughters smaller toys such as, barbie accessories, barbie clothes, Shopkins, ponies, etc. On the third row down I put all her stuffed animals and larger toys. Lastly, on the forth and fifth row I labeled each storage bin and placed the toys she had a large amount of in each such as, playdoh, barbie dolls, animals, etc.

I have a little activity table which Rachel uses to draw, color, and create crafts with her friends. I will probably buy a larger table very soon sense you can’t fit much more than two papers on it. Behind it is another small cube storage. There I place her color pencils, markers, crayons, paper, accessories and more. It is the best location for easy access to any craft.

Here is my happy big baby when she saw the final result. I hope you guys like the little tour and let me know which part of the playroom was your favorite on the comments below.


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