I went out this passed week and honestly, I wasn’t in the mood to put a entire look together and I also didn’t have the time. So I did what we all do and grabbed my basic black top and jeans. I added a few gold accessories, but it didn’t seem to make the outfit standout. Than I looked over at these heels and thought “why not”? When I looked in the mirror I simply smiled. Was it really that simple? I thought. This shoe worked like magic! Simply added a pair of bold heels and the outfit looked awesome.

This stunning platform stiletto heel is from ShoeDazzle. It has a lace-up detail with tassel and a charm at the tip. It is colorful and has light snake skin texture. To be honest I highly dislike snake skin, but I actually don’t mind it on these heels sense it is so light and adds texture. They are higher than my daily heels, but fit comfortably. The color is beautiful and makes them very versatile. ShoeDazzle offers these heels in multiple colors and patterns, so if you really don’t like the snake skin look at their black and white ones (they are gorgeous)!

P.S Today is a special day as I celebrate eight years of marriage with my lovely husband. I can’t believe I can actually say that I am only 26 and married for eight years, that’s insane! Yes, we got married very young. I was nineteen and he was twenty one and it was the best choice we ever made. He is my best friend and I couldn’t go a day without seeing his handsome face. I love you honeybunny!

Outfit Details

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