3 Ways to style a basic dress – Color Pop | Venus

As requested I am back with “Ways to style” from Venus. Are you excited? I know I am. This next few days I will show you three ways to style a basic dress. You know which one I am talking about, right? That fitting, light, comfortable dress that we always go to when running errands. We all own them. Sometimes even in multiple colors, but we don’t think much else of them and tend to just toss it on and go. There are however plenty of ways you can style them and actually go out. Haha.

This week I will be wearing this black tank dress. It looks great on every shape and has ruching details at the sides to help hide any trouble spots. What more could I want for a daily dress, right? Haha. With spring right around the corner I decided to make this first outfit a casual look with a few pops of color.

To start I added this oversized cardigan. It helps to give a relaxed feel to the entire look, while giving you a extra layer for warmth if necessary. Than, I went crazy with bold colors. Starting with these hot pink, stunning earrings. They are so bold and gorgeous. They matched perfectly with my very favorite gladiator tie up sandals. These have pom poms everywhere (I am obsessed) and a mesmerizing tribal design on the sides. Last, and most certainly not least this new addition to Venus website, Steve Madden Zada clutch. It has a unique pattern filled of colorful beads embellishments which makes it very versatile and match all your outfits these coming up seasons. With this outfit I am ready for a vacation (hint hint, husband)!

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Outfit Details

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