Crossed Slit Suede Skirt | A’GACI

Ever caught yourself buying similar items or fabrics? I know I have and one of my favorite fabrics is suede. I can’t tell you how many suede items I have received this past year, but know it’s a lot. Haha. If I could own an entire closet of it I would. It might just be the most comfortable and flattering fabric out there and lets not forget gorgeous! It’s a great piece to add texture to any look.

Today, I am styling a cross front, slit skirt from A’GACI. If you haven’t heard of them make sure to checkout my last post here. This skirt is classy and adds a elegant feel to your look. It’s a versatile piece in an amazing dark gray color. It is also very comfortable and hugs your curves. I love how this look is perfect for work or a date. It was simple, easy to put together and can it can be worn with a plain or patterned top.

PS.  Yesterday was a busy day as it was my daughters 7th birthday and I wanted to share some info on that. We decided on doing a small get together for our family to celebrate and enjoy some pizza. Lucky for me my daughter picked a theme. She was between pajama party, Rapunzel or Ferrari/Kimi ( her favorite F1 driver, his number is 7. Get it?). You might think that’s a little odd, but if you know my husband you understand. Haha. Well, she choose a pajama birthday with Ferrari/Kimi decorations. Very creative and also difficult. How do I throw a Kimi party. Haha. She wore a zebra pajamas and looked adorable. How I managing to do it all from cleaning, cake, balloons, decor, food and take care of a baby I have no idea, but I survived!

Outfit Details

  • Skirt – A’GACI
  • Top – EXPRESS
  • Boots – Venus

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