Confidence That’s Contagious | Venus

Happy New Year! This year I am joining Venus in their new year resolution to be “confident & in style”. I don’t typically do resolutions, but in this case, I am all in! I also challenge you to join Venus and I by sharing what makes you confident with the hashtag #VENUSmoment.

Being confident is the very reason I created my blog. I remember never wearing skinny jeans because they made me look too skinny or a dress because they never fit right. I was very insecure and didn’t really understand fashion. My #VENUSmoment happened when I was looking for a New Years outfit a few years ago. I went in a store and saw a full look on a manikin and thought “this looks amazing”. I never put a look together and honestly, I didn’t know how too. So, that day I bought the entire outfit and I remember feeling beautiful and most importantly, confident. That’s when my love for fashion really begun. I started to create my own outfits and have fun with accessories. I than realized that fashion was changing my life and how I saw myself. After a month of trying new looks I discovered that my style preference was chic and I created Look Chic Blog to help others feel confident in their style as I now did. I laugh now when looking back at my first looks because I dislike most of them but, I know one thing, forcing my boundaries and getting out of my comfort zone got me where I am today. Those are now my most precious posts and they made me who I am. Confident in my style and in myself. Thank you Venus for always making me feel beautiful  and radiant. 

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