Plaid Coat | Venus

The chilly days are finally here! I know most of the country has been styling their coats for at least a month now, but fall always starts a little late in Florida. I’ve been counting down the days to wear a cozy coat and that day is finally here! Today’s look is entirely from Venus and as they said it themselves “Nothing stands out quite like a white winter look” and I couldn’t agree more. Everyone own a black or nude/beige coat as they find them easy to style. When receiving this piece I was amazed at how quickly I came up with multiple looks. I could put on any color sweater or pants and it would look great. After all, it is black & white and we all know that matches anything. This jacket sure calls attention and makes you stand out. It is warm, chic, comfortable and filled of details from the plaid collar to the faux leather sleeves. Overall this piece is simply perfection.

Sense I am talking about perfection lets not forget to mention the rest of this outfit starting of with Venus black skinny jeans. Ive been looking for black jeans for over a year now and I can never find one that fits me properly sense I am tall. If it fits the height it usually doesn’t fit the length or hips. When browsing their site I realized they offered all sizes with long, short or regular! I couldn’t believe it. It fit me perfectly from booty to ankles. Haha. It hugs and accentuates the body in all the right places. From now Venus is officially my go to for denim.

Now, I know you guys probably think I am exaggerating if I say these are my favorite boots ever, but I promise it’s true! Obviously, I am in love with Venus products. Every piece amazes me more and more. These boots are sexy, simple and versatile. Looking from the picture it doesn’t look like a boot you can stand on for hours sense it has such a tin heel but, I did and it was incredibly comfortable. Every piece in this look can be worn separately (as I already have, including these boots on my last post) and are simple to style. Which one is your favorite piece?

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Outfit Details

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