Watch | Millner

Hello everyone, as mentioned on the blog here is a look with my newest Millner watch. This is the first item I have received from them. I decided to choose the rose gold as I don’t have many accessories in that color. Once I received it, the first thing I noticed is the beautiful design. I love how modern and pricier it looks. The only downside from the watch was that it did not fit my arm at first and I didn’t know how to adjust the strap. No instructions came with the watch (than again, it’s only $7) so I looked it up on Youtube. It was easy to find and even easier to adjust. With that out-of-the-way the quality is very good for the price. They look great, are easy to style and looks very stylish with multiple bracelets.  They have many  sunglasses and watch styles starting at  only $7.99.

P.s If you are looking to get someone a little something for Christmas this is a great buy.

Now, to the rest of the outfit. If you can’t tell yet, I love gray from clothes to accessories, it always looks stunning. When I see something in this tone I almost can’t help myself, and always end up buying it, for me, my husband or kids. I am wearing an adorable sweater I bought on Black Friday at Target for only $9. The color and designed screamed “chic holiday outfit” to me and I had to buy it. Plus, it was practically free. Haha. I immediately thought of wearing it with this leather skirt from WHBM, but it will look amazing with pants as well. Adding a tench coat or jacket would also have worked with this look, but this day was not cold enough for that. For accessories I wore a new pendant from NY & Co, also bought on Black Friday for $3.I wore my favorite new booties from Venus and to carry all my items I used my new MK purse which was also bought at Black Friday for $130. Which item from this outfit is your favorite?

Outfit Details

  • Sweater– Target
  • Skirt – WHBM
  • Boots – Venus
  • Necklace – NY & Co.
  • Purse – MK

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