High Knee Lace Up Boots | SHOEDAZZLE

Fall is here, and gives me a great excuse to start wearing high knee boots. It hasn’t been that cold in Florida (what a shocker, right? Haha), but to be honest I don’t care! I am going to melt away in the heat loving these boots! They are perfect for fall/winter. High Knee Boots are an easy way to look polished while still being comfortable, since you don’t need a heel to look fabulous. They’re a staple piece, and extremely versatile.

I paired these boots with a baggy, comfortable sweater, and grey jeans, but It can be styled with anything from leggings, to sweater dresses. I own a few pairs of high knee boots and these from ShoeDazzle certainly are my favorite and you can get your first pair for just $10! Most boots don’t reach above my knee because I am tall. These are just the right length. So if you are tall or are looking for mid thigh boots look no farther. They also don’t slouch like most do and fit any body type sense they are lace up, and adjustable on the back. They have a zipper on the inside which means you only have to adjust it once to your thigh and zip it up the other times.

This look is casual, and great for the moms on-the-go like me. Having a newborn made things a little more difficult or I guess it’s just been a while, and I am out of shape. Haha. It took me around three hours just to do a messy bun, put on lipstick, and eye-shadow. How come? You may ask. My little bundle of joy doesn’t seem to like me being away (three feet away) for more than two seconds. I decided to get ready, and she decided to be hungry, than wet, than needed to burp, and be changed. All that and more at least twice. Oh the joys of being a mother. I wouldn’t change it for the world. She was however very excited to be near me for this shoot and so was I. 

❤ ❤ ❤

Outfit Details

  • Boots – ShoeDazzle
  • sweater – Zaful
  • Glasses – Guess

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