Edgy Date Night | Venus

Have a date coming up, and not sure what to wear? Worry no more! Today I will be styling an edgier look by Venus, to make you feel comfortable, and sexy. This look is perfect for fall and a chilly night out in the city with your hottie. For this look I style a plain tank dress. This is my favorite type of dress to own as they can be styled multiple ways and worn often without anyone even noticing. It is the perfect item to add layers, and play with colors or accessories through out the year, except this time I decided to rock the all black look and I loved it.

I wanted to spice things up with this outfit by adding their faux leather jacket. As Venus said it themselves “Sometimes it’s good to be bad”, so take risks and have fun with fashion! This jacket fits like glove, and accentuates your curves on the right places. It adds a bit of toughness to your look, especially when paired with these black booties which are so comfortable, I could wear them all night long. I kept the accessories to a minimum as I wanted my outfit to be the highlight of the night, but added pearl drop earrings for a classy, but sexy feel. Also a chain sleek cross-body bag which we all need to keep our favorite lipstick, and cellphone. This look makes you feel confident, and lets be honest even a little hot! Haha. Let’s not only look our best, but feel our best while with our loved ones.  

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Outfit Details

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