Fitted Maternity Dress | PINK BLUSH

I am so excited to be showing off again this maternity dress from my try-on-haul with Pink Blush! This time my little one wanted to come along, and help show off my belly. No one is more excited to show off her sister to the world than her. Can you believe it is almost time? September has finally arrived! We can’t wait to hug, and welcome Bella into our lives.

As I mentioned on my try-on-haul I love this dress. Nothing is better than comfy, and practical in the very last month of pregnancy. This dress is very soft, and in a beautiful color. I choose to style it with sneakers, because I am 47 weeks, and I can. Haha. I kept this look very casual, and fast to put together for the daily routines. We all know the end of pregnancy is everything, but calm. With so much to do , and get finished before baby number tree comes along, I could use all the help I can get, including in style. I can’t get enough of Pink Blush, and their beautiful products!

P.S Don’t forget they have everything from maternity, to regular women clothes.

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