Ruffle Yellow Summer Dress | SheIn

 Bold! Is there a better word to describe this dress? I think not. This dress is without a doubt a statement piece. That special item you bring out your closet when you want to be vibrant, and stand out! We all have those days, and it’s great to have an item that will make you feel beautiful, and bring all the attention to you. It is perfect for a summer vacation or a weekend out. I wish I had this piece when my family and I went on our Disney vacation last month. With so many places to visit I am sure I could’ve worn this out somewhere!

It is not a maternity dress, but it’s made to be loose mid waist down, which is why I am able to wear it at 7 months. Keep in mind I did have to pull it up a little higher than its made to be sense it hugs your waist, but it still worked out perfect.  This dress will definitely be worn after pregnancy, and fit perfectly. I can’t get over SheIn and their great quality products. I’ve loved everything I’ve received from them, but I have to say, this might be a favorite, especially sense it’s on discount for only $24.

I loved the vibrant color the moment I opened the package.  Styling it was very easy sense I love the combination of yellow, and brown. First addition to the look was a statement earring that my mother brought me from Brazil. The dress if filled of ruffles, so a clean neckline worked just fine. The brown heels, and clutch added a chic vibe to the look, and I loved the gold details on it, which than worked great with my Michael Kors watch and a few bracelets. You can always get creative, and add a pair of clored shoes, bag or earrings, but for this look I preferred to keep the focus on the dress. 

Outfit Details

  • Dress – SheIn
  • Clutch/bag – Burlington
  • Watch – Michael Kors
  • Earring – Gift from Brazil ( Thanks Mom )

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