Maternity Dress | Stowaway Collection

Lets be honest, when your pregnant all you want it comfort. I can surely relate. My husband is constantly running out of T-shirt, and basketball shorts, because they are my go to daily while at home. Yes, surprising some might say, but it’s harder than it seems finding maternity clothes that fit well, look good, and gives me comfort like my mans clothes do (taking out the looking good part. Haha. I look a mess, but give me a break, I am human too).  Don’t knock on my door when I am home, or you might be surprised at what you see. Haha! Well, you would have been, but not anymore. This dress is just as comfortable as my husbands clothes, believe it or not!

I am glad to introduce you guys to Stowaway Collection! They have various options of clothes designed to flatter your body, and show off your baby bump. This is the perfect dress to take me from first trimester through third, with lots of room for stretching.  I wore this to a lunch with the hubby on a hot (more like melting) day, and the fabric is very breathable. I loved the idea of sneakers with this dress. I feel it all fit together very well, and provided me with even more comfort. We had a good lunch, walked around, and spent time with our princesses.

Outfit Details

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