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Today I have an interesting subject to talk about, and I would love to see your comments bellow if you relate, but first I want you to focus on this lovely look! I wore this to a friends baby shower, but honestly it can be worn anywhere. This adorable top is from Pink Blush, which if you haven’t heard of, checkout my last post filled with details on this adorable maternity boutique. Their quality is amazing, comfortable, and their options of tops endless. I love this solid hued maternity top.  It features a rounded mock neckline with a ruffle trim, and short sleeves (which is great for Florida). You can never go wrong with owning a black top. They can be styled all years long, and are extremely versatile. I choose this top mostly because it can be worn before, during, and after pregnancy. It’s a win, win! They also offer it in a beautiful pink color. Their quality is amazing, and comfortable. Checkout their tops collection here. I kept this look simple, clean, and I love the simplicity of it. I will most certainly be styling this top for years to come.

Now to the subject I was initially speaking of. Are you an emotional person/mother? I was crying in church watching kids perform something special for Mother’s Day when I realized how excessively emotional I am. The big deal was, my daughter wasn’t even old enough to perform yet, and just the thought of her standing there in a few years, and singing to me made me cry. I understand lots of parents cry at their child’s big achievements, but I believe I am a little extra. So I decided to google “why Mother’s cry during their kids achievements”. It’s self explanatory, but I was looking for some explanation to why I am so emotional, and in the end I found nothing.

To give you a better understanding of how often I cry I’ll give you some examples. I cried when my daughter was born (most people do, so here I’m still normal), cried when she cried, and I didn’t know what to do. I cried when her teeth came in, when they fell out, when she crawled, walked, rode a bike, and many other times. Crying at home is not embarrassing, but when it comes to being in front of others, I really try to hold my emotions. For example, first day of pre-k, I cried the entire morning until I picked her up (my eyes water just thinking about it, haha). The first day of kindergarten (oh this was the worst),  she would take the bus for the first time, and being in school for most of the day.  I cried in the open house, her teacher, and my husband couldn’t help, but to laugh a little at me. Also at the first day, school performances, etc.

We’ve been planning a trip to Disney land, and I know how happy she will be. Knowing myself, I will be so happy for her happiness that I’ll see Disney (even tough I’ve been there a few times) and probably cry all day with each little excitement. By now you understand what I meant by “extra”, and probably think I need to get myself together. How will I ever see her high school or college graduation without crying my life out, and embarrassing myself, and my child. Trust me I’ve tried! I must drink to much water, because I have enough tears to fill a pool.

In the end of the day I know its too much, but I has to be a mother thing. We just love our little ones so much, their happiness, brings us happiness. Their pain, kills us, and their achievements become our achievements. It is an unconditional love, too strong to control your emotions. I hate that I cry, but I love the joys that come with being a mother, and I guess crying is just one of them.


Solid Ruffle Maternity Dress 

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