Floral Maternity Skirt | PINK BLUSH

Time is flying by, and lots has been going on. I am already 22 weeks (5 months, and a half) pregnant (I don’t even know how it went by so fast). It seems like my belly exploded out of nowhere in the passed two weeks. I feel great, finally, and not much has changed, except I sleep way more, and my clothes don’t fit me. If you have ever been pregnant you know the struggles of the 1st trimester, such as lots of morning sickness, and dizziness. The “my jeans don’t zip up, skirt or dresses don’t close all the way” struggles of the second trimester, or the discomfort, sleepless nights, and birth on the third and final trimester. Oh the joy of pregnancy! Worth it all just to see that perfect little face in the end.

In the plus side, my baby girl is moving all around, very healthy, and I now own comfortable clothes to wear during these last few months thanks to Pink Blush. They are an adorable online boutique that sells women’s, and maternity clothes. I was extremely excited to partner with them, and show you guys a few of their products including this gorgeous floral maternity pencil skirt.   If you love skirts make sure to check this out! Like many of their other items, their clothes are trendy, very feminine, has lots of support (much necessary), and are comfortable. Their prices are great, and lower than most online maternity boutiques which is great for all the mamas out there!  If you love skirts check this out!

This skirt is a great transaction piece for Spring to Summer time. The colors are vivid, and bright, and they also offer it on a light blush pink color, which I definitely want to own as well. This skirt can create a classy or bold look. It is versatile piece as it can be worn with many color tops such as black, white, aqua, and all sorts of pink shades. I would stay with plain tops, sense the skirt has so much detail, but don’t be afraid to layer this piece with a blazer, jacket, vest, outwear, and accessories.


Solid Ruffle Maternity Dress 

Outfit Details

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