Spring Wishlist | SheIn

Spring is here with lots of hot trends. Today I wanted to highlight a few of them and show you gorgeous pieces you can add to your wardrobe this season while getting great deals. If you go to SheIn’s website your eyes can’t help but to wonder all around. With so many options, and amazing prices I just had to share some of my new favorite trendy items.


Plaid is seen all around this year, but instead of an older street style it’s been seen more with a touch of sophistication from brazers, to skirts, dress pants, and shoes. On the first picture I have  a Pink Plaid crop top/skirt set from SheIn. It can be worn together as a set or separately, which is always great, and gives a much bigger variety of looks you can create. It’s a clean, romantic look. With a flowy skirt, soft, and breezy material which is perfect for spring/summer time.

Second picture, I am not sure what trend is bigger, crop top or palazzo pants. This set is adorable! It has a clean design with black polka dots. This pattern has been featured on the designer runways all around in a monochromatic colorway, and will be seen all through this season. It is perfect for a date on the breach or hot day out. It is classy, and adds an elegance to crop tops, which most time tend to be worn in a casual way.


Now to a trend that never goes away during spring, the florals. The patterns can be bold, bright, and large or subtle, small, and in the famous pastel colors. Feel free to explore, and have fun. There is no wrong way to wear them. I choose here two beautiful dresses that will make you effortlessly look stunning. First, this Ruffle, Split front dress. The colors are so beautiful I just can’t keep my eyes off of it. It has beautiful ruffles from top to bottom, and hugs your best curves. Secondly, a Cold-Shoulder floral dress. This look is casual, and comfortable, but it makes you look “put together”.  It can also be dressed up, but I personally like the messy bun, sandals look I would get with this dress. Which one is your favorite?

 Shop all of these looks at SheIn, or just check them out to get inspired!

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