“Valentines Day Outfit III | Zaful valentines day SALE

Happy Valentines day!

Today has been a wonderful day already! I was awaken at midnight by Paul wishing me a happy V-Day with a large basket of my favorite sweets. After a short night a sleep I woke up to take my daughter to school, and was surprised with someone knocking at the door. Once I open I realize this men is holding a large basket, and roses. He stretches his arms with it, and me just being a lost dummy asked “who are they for?” Haha. He handed them to me, and said “for you, from your husband”. Wow, I was not expecting that! So this basket come with all sort of goodies from candies, to cakes, and salty snacks. Lets just say I had a good breakfast!

Well, this is just the begging of our day. Tonight we are going out on a date to watch a movie, and enjoy a nice dinner with each other. When your married, and have kids just to have a quiet moment with each other is amazing (believe me). Sense I like to think ahead, I planned this outfit a long time ago thinking of today. With love in the air, I partnered with Zaful to create a perfect 2018 Valentines Day outfit to celebrate as well as help you guys celebrate with their awesome Valentines Day Sale, and you can also use my coupon code LauraZF at checkout for even better deals!

The entire look was put together with items from Zaful, and I couldn’t be happier with my choices. I fell in love with this crochet midi dress the moment I saw it (and it’s been months)! It is chic, romantic, and elegant.  I wanted today’s look to be simple, but classy, so pairing a stunning rhinestone Statement Earrings (oh my is it gorgeous!), Zircon Metal Ring, and a shoulder bag did just the job to complete the lookA good outfit sets the day, and we will surely have an amazing one together.

Happy Valentines day everyone from  Zaful, and I!

Outfit Details

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