My Workout Routine | Journey Five

Today I am excited to partner with one of my favorite companies Journey Five.  I own, and have posted about their products various times before like here, and here, but I had no tried their workout clothes, and I am glad I did! Aren’t these pants adorable? They are very flexible, comfortable, and supportive. I love the neutral grey color with a pop of neon pink! Bright colors always call attention, and if you love neon, workout clothes are most certainly the best place to use them. You never need to match, and it always looks great!

First, and last thing I always do is stretch. Most people get lazy about this part, and don’t think it is very important, but it might just be the most important thing to do after keeping hydrated during your workouts. I wanted to share with all of you my workout routine, and hopefully inspire some to do something similar. Being healthy is always great. From giving you a better body, to just feeling more energetic. The more we take care of ourselves now, the healthier our future looks. Agree?

For years I have gone to the gym, but stopped due to my last pregnancy. Going back into a routine or starting a new one is always difficult, and unpleasing. Most of us can relate, right?  I have tried to go back a few times this passed year, but every time I start something would happen, such as breaking my sacrum, and ripping my rotator cuff on both shoulders which to be honest, is still not fully healed (I think destiny does not want me to exercise. Haha).  This passed month I was determined to get back in shape, and so I started a new routine which I decided to share.

Monday: Gym – 15 min Cardio on the treadmill, 30 mi abs, 30 min legs,  15 min treadmill again.
Tuesday: 30 min run/jog around the block.
Wednesday: Gym – Cardio class for 1hr (Zumba, cycling, or step).
Thursday: 30 min run/jog around the block.
Friday: Gym- body sculpt class for 1 hr (a class that focuses on building/strengthening  all your muscles)
Saturday & Sunday: Ill be honest, I just give myself a break. My body is usually sore so I just stretch.

So an easier way to explain all I do is…
  1. Be committed, it is not easy. What helps me is forcing my mother, and husband come along with me. I can always use motivation. It is funny how fast you feel change, sure we don’t see results at first, but they come soon enough.
  2. Cardio to burn fat, which can be done by running or any other class. Exercises that really gets you going.
  3. Muscles. I try to tone, tighten, and strengthen my muscles by lifting weights, machines, or classes (Most gyms have personal trainer that can help you or guide you to achieve the results you want. Always go to them for help, or you could actually hurt yourself).

Whats your workout routine?

Outfit Details

  • Pants- Journey Five
  • Shoes – Nike


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