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 I wanted to start 2018 with a special, positive post. This photo shoot was done on November 25th, Evelyns (my youngest daughter) 1st birthday. We had not taken pictures together in years, and I thought, “what better way to celebrate her life, other than to celebrate our family”. We all took pictures with the only pajamas that she wore the day she was born, sense it’s the most vivid memory we have of her, and many of us together. I loved shooting these pictures, and they will always have a special place in my heart.

My family is so precious, and they mean the word to me. My husband is the greatest gift God could ever have giving me. He is so sweet, kind, caring, has the biggest heart I know, and lets not forget extremely handsome. Haha. My daughters, are my greatest blessings. Rachel, I can’t tell you guys how much happiness, and hyperness (if that’s even a word) she brings to our life, but if you have a five year old, you have a pretty good idea.  Evelyn, even if it was just for a few hours in my arms, she was months in my belly, and I remember every kick or punch. Haha. She was my “mini me” as she looked nothing like Paul. I thank God everyday for the life he has giving me, and the amazing people he has surrounded me with. I love my family! ❤  ❤  ❤

Now, to the fun details of this shoot, as I know I will have many questions. Here is how to put together a family photo shoot. Creating a family photo shoot takes a lot of time, especially if you are a photographer, and your posing, while telling your mother how, and where to take the picture from (definitely my case). You can only imagine how fun this was. Haha. First, you need to pick a photographer (we all know this). Second, you have to pick a theme, and location. In this case we went for a fall look in the park. Third, the hardest, and most important part (which you can always ask your photographer for tips, options, and ideas). The items that will pull it all together, the outfits. Planning the outfits is not complicated for me, as it’s my daily job, but for most, it sure is. The main rule is, stay between three main colors. We did white, beige, and burgundy (fall colors). I picked my outfit first, and created my husbands, and daughters according to mine. Never try to match too much, or all wear the same exact color, as it will blend in the pictures. Unless, it’s the famous all white, and jeans/khaki bottoms. Those are always great for a family wall portraits.

Here is what we wore: I waited for a special occasion to show off my new sweater from Zaful. I have mentioned them, and their great prices before like in this post with an beautiful pink trench coat (check it out). This time I wore a white sweater, which is another must have in your wardrobe. Now, that it’s cold in Florida, sweaters are an everyday item, as are trench coats. This sweater is comfortable, and loose. It makes it feel like I am wearing warm pajamas, while looking chic, and perfect for the street (haha, it almost rhymes). It might just be one of the most versatile pieces I own, which is while I choose this item to create the look for this photo shoots. It would match anything my husband, or daughter wore. I stayed it with dark jeans (to match the rest of my family wore), combat boots (for a casual look), and added a vest for extra warmth. My husband wore a plain burgundy sweater, jeans, and beige sneakers, and my daughter wore, beige sweater, burgundy vest, jeans, and combat boots.

Hope these tips helped. Let me know in the comments bellow of any other post tips, and tricks you might want to read.



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