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I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas with the ones you love most!  Our Christmas was filled of joy, fun, games, and lots of food. As I mentioned on the last post, I am going to let you guys know what I bought my family, and what I received on Christmas. Shopping is a lot of work, which mean I certainly don’t do it all in one day. Also, I am not one to ever buy one item (you’ll see soon) which makes it take even longer. I start months ahead, and slowly buy as I find items that I like, and I love doing it! The hardest part is keeping the gifts from my husband as he in known to steal his gifts before time. He is like a giant child. Haha.

Here is what I got my husband. Two belts, three sweaters, three shorts, two shirts, two Xbox video games, and lastly a large display box with his Ferrari Shirt/hat/autographs to place in his Ferrari man cave (my office). I believe that’s all for him or at least that’s what I can think of right now. For my daughter a unicorn one piece, unicorn shoes, Lego,  five different games/toys, a certificate, and a ultrasound of her pet dinosaurs egg (long story, Ill tell it someday). I received many items from my family as did my husband, and daughter. I loved them all, but my very favorite was my husbands gift. I currently have an iPhone 5S. It has no memory, awful image quality (which you guys probably know from watching my Instagram stories), and the battery wont last more than two hours.  He bought me an iPhone 8 which arrives today, and I am so excited!

Todays look was inspired by a random warmer day we had in Florida this passed Christmas week. Just when you think winter is about to start, Florida surprises us, again. It wasn’t hot, obviously, I am wearing a sweater, but just enough that sandals, and skirt was perfect. I have been waiting for a chance to wear these gorgeous heels, and our Pre-Christmas dinner (we meet to pick out our Secret Santa) was the perfect occasion to dress up with the family. To create this look was very simple, using this Venus black sweater (which is a must as mentioned here), a tutu/tulle skirt in champagne color (perfect color for new years) and these elegant heels also from Venus.  This look is great for a dinner, or even a New Years party.

What did you most like to give or received this Christmas? Let me know on the comments bellow!

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