Ornate Print Skirt | SheIn

Christmas is almost here! Well, technically it is here for my family (and all Brazilians). My entire family will celebrate on Christmas Eve (today) the 24th. Yes, Brazilians are a little unique. At 8PM we pray, and start the party. We eat, a lot. Everything from ribs to sweets, you name it, we make it. At 9:30 we start games (which I am always in charge off) until 11:00 pm (we are still eating during every five second break). We than play Secret Santa until midnight (eat some more). At midnight we wish everyone a Merry Christmas, and do our personal gift exchanges ( I would tell you what I bought family, and my husband, but he would know. Haha. I’ll update you guys on the next post). Tomorrow on Christmas Day we will spend the day together, play some bored games (and with our new gifts, especially the kids), and eat even more. Haha. I can’t hardly wait a few hours to celebrate our Saviors birth. It’s no wonder we call it “the most wonderful time of the year”. I always feel so joyful, the streets are filled with happiness, and everyone gets together. I hope you all have a blessed, filled with joy, and Merry Christmas!

Now, to todays look. To create this outfit I wore this ornate print skirt with a black top, and black booties. It is a very easy look to recreate. Simply own a bright colored, patterned skirt, and you can wear it with any dark toned top, and boots. The skirt is the star of the show, so go big with the patterns, and colors. This is a fall look, but it could easily be transformed into a summer look by simply switching the booties into sandals or heels, and the black top into a blue or white top. It also can become a winter look by adding black stockings, and a leather jacket.

Most think a versatile piece is a plain item, with one color, which it mostly is, but not every time. This skirt is a great addition to your wardrobe, and very versatile. I got it from SheIn, in a size M (I usually choose a size bigger so it is long enough for me) with a great price of only $14, and they are having great holiday discounts, and deals right now. If interested in such an unique piece, this is the time to shop, and get those very last minute items you haven’t bought yet.

Outfit Details

  • BlackΒ Top (Express)
  • Skirt

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