Holiday Inspiration IIII | Venus + ShoeDazzle

I know I keep telling you guys that my life has been a little crazy, and a lot seems to be happening, but It’s true. Haha. Which is a reason I was not able to post much this week or last week. First I cut my hair (almost all of it)! Can you believe it. You all know what had happened to it a month ago, if not, read the crazy story here. It was still dry after a few attempts to condition it, so I just decided to cut it all off.  What do you guys think? Plus, a change is always good, right(if not, oh well, it will grow)

Secondly,  which is the reason of my posts being late. My house caught on fire. Thank God we were all okay. Only the kitchen caught on fire, so the rest of the house is good, but there was a lot of smoke damage, so it is currently considered unlivable. We are living at my mothers (close by) until the entire house is fixed. The one thing I am certain is ” all things God works for the good of those who love him”. So everything will be okay.

Now that everything is going as it should I decided to post another holiday inspiration outfit! They are my favorites right now, and it’s a reason to cheer up. Christmas is just around the corner, and what to wear is always a reason to worry. Today I wore this floral lace dress from Venus. This dress is absolutely gorgeous, and trendy (It is a little shorter than the image shown on the model, and does run a little small, so make sure to order a size up). The colors are neutral, yet bold, the lace sure makes a statement, and the details on the waist make sure to accent your best curves. This look is lovely, and perfect for this time of year, wit so many parties, and celebrations going on. This outfit is so comfortable I could wear it from Christmas to New Years. Haha. I did not wear any accessories, except for earrings since the dress has so many details.

The only addition to this outfit I made sure to add wore these stunning velvet, teal heels from ShoeDazzle.  They have them in teal, and black (with shinny heels!). I own both, and am obsessed with how they look. They fit like a glove, and are very comfortable. They are sure to become a year-round basic in your wardrobe change. I was never a fan of velvet items, but these shoes sure change my mind! If you are still looking for the perfect outfit, you have found it! Have the entire look for under $70!

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