How to style sweaters

Today is all about sweaters! From turtleneck to lace-up, when it comes to  being warm, and cozy, we love them all! Check out my favorite sweater styles, and how to wear them!


This Sweater!

Let’s get started with the most import of all. The basic  sweaters are the life savers, and must a have. They are usually plain, one color, and can come in a oversize or tight fit. They work as blank canvases which you can dressed up or down,  add your favorite accessories, and create many different looks with the same piece. Buy pieces in white/ivory, black, red or navy—these never go out of style.

Style tips:

  • Wear your classic investments with trend-forward items—like boyfriend jeans or leather skirt.
  • For a casual look, add skinny jeans, boots or booties.
  • They are great pieces to layered up with a outwear or vest.

THE lace up v-neck sweater

This Sweater!

Now to the fun  sweater! This trendy sweater can be seen all over, and I just can’t get enough! They tend to have a loose fit, and are extremely comfy.  You don’t need to accessorize it as much as the classic sweater which makes them very practice, and fast to dress up.

Style tips:

  • Wear them with leggings. (don’t have to ask me twice!)
  • Tuck it into a pair of higher-waist jeans, and add a belt for a 90’s look.
  • Plain bottoms will usually look best, and keep the attention on the lace-up.

THE off-the-shoulder sweater

This Sweater!

 Good-bye funky prints, patters, and hello shoulders! Off the shoulder, and cold-shoulders have transit from summer to fall. They will be seen a lot in pastels, whites,  pinks, and tons of greys this season.  They are extremely cute with a little sexy feel.

Style tips:

  • White skinny jeans will look stunning! (ripped jeans are in, so take advantage!)
  • Mixing nude accessories will make your outfit look classy, and chic.
  • Want to stand out? Wear the light sweaters with a darker tone, such as black. Leather pieces will sure make a statement. The contrast of the sweet, gentle sweater against the edgy look will sure be noticed.

THE turtleneck sweater

This Sweater!

You parents probably dressed you in these when you were young. They are old classics that never get out of style. They seem to have a little more class than other sweaters, and look very sophistication, which is always good. They have been modernized by adding some that are loose fit,  rolled or messy turtlenecks. Which one you pick doesn’t matter – they’re all in!

Style tips:

  • Tucking them in a midi skirts will give you a classy look.
  • These can definitely be accessories for a extra pop!
  • They look great with a outwear or winter coat over it.

With so many styles out there it is hard to mention all, like the famous sweater dresses, fuzzy sweaters, chunky sweaters, and metallic sweaters.  Does it really matter which one? As long as it’s comfy, and Iooks great, we are all in!

I hope these tips gave you some great sweater outfit ideas! Which style is your favorite?



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