Confident in your own skin!

How to be confident in your own skin? How to love and be happy with yourself? Hard question, isn’t it?  We all have or still struggle with this, and honestly, it needs to stop!  Why do we torture, criticize, and put ourselves down so often? Don’t other people do that enough! We all have flaws, but we shouldn’t allow this to define who we are and keep us from our true selves. Being confident doesn’t mean feeling beautiful only at your best, but also when your at home with your husbands shorts, a T-shirt and hair up in a bun (which I do all the time. Haha.)

Sure, you’re probably thinking, “easier said than done” and yes it is, but me and every beautiful woman who is in these pictures struggled with the same things. We’ve learned to overcome those thoughts and be confident! Which is why we decided to share a few of our thoughts and struggles to help you find your own beauty.

From the time I was a teen, people called me “twig, ugly, flat”. Few people did say I was pretty (adults only), but I never believed them. Instead, I would compare myself to other girls. Their hair, face, and especially body. I just wanted to look in the mirror and be confident in my own skin. Just be happy with myself, but I couldn’t. I wasn’t good enough.

This only got worse as I grew older. I became increasingly self-conscious and compared myself to everyone. I tried eating more to gain weight, straightened my hair every week, put on makeup, and dressed like others. Until one day, I looked in the mirror and smiled. Something changed. I realized, I was my own worst enemy. The real problem is not my looks, but me!

So, how did I become confident? I stopped listening to other and judging myself. When you stop putting yourself down and start saying the opposite things instead you start to believe it. The easiest way to look confident is to feel confident. When you love yourself you glow, you stand out! When I did that, for the first time in my life I started to feel beautiful and it showed! Your body language, eyes and smile changes. You glow.


Leah – I struggled with my ‘thunder thighs’ as people like to call them. My legs have always been thick, no matter what diet or exercise I tried. I played soccer all through school. It was hard to see girls with thinner legs in their skinny jeans, and me barely being able to pull those skinny jeans over my thighs, even though they fit my waist perfectly. So what did I do to become comfortable and happy with myself? I started calling them my soccer legs! Yes, they may be thick, but they also have shape, and are just as beautiful as the rest of my body.

Ana Flavia – “You’re so skinny”, “you need to put some meat on those bones”, so I’ve been told my entire life. Yes, I’m skinny, and weight only 96 pounds, but that doesn’t mean I’m any less beautiful then the girls with big curvy waists. I do eat, and I have never starved myself to be this size, but though time I have learned that beauty is more then what you see on the outside.


Jessica – I’ve never been good at being confident. Struggled being comfortable in my own skin. I don’t really have a sob story to tell about how I was bullied over my looks or certain flaws. Truth is, LIKE MOST WOMEN, I have always been my biggest criticand I learned it right at home. My mom was a gorgeous red head! The ONLY red head in her town… BAM! She hated herself. Her nose, her freckles, her body… she wasn’t model thin, but never had an unhealthy weight either. I learned the dreaded “I’m ugly cause I’m fat” phrase from her. As if fat and ugly were synonyms. And guess who looks just like their mom? Yup… Me ( Sans red hear lol). So, that must have meant I was ugly too, right? Took me years to figure where I learned to ridicule myself from.

God gifted me with an amazing husband who has insisted on calling me beautiful. Another great gift, a precious baby girl. As soon as I found out we were expecting a little girl, I knew I had to straighten up. I couldn’t teach her to be insecure. A king in the Bible takes a moment to praise God for being fearfully and wonderfully made. And that’s how we were ALL made. With attention and purpose. We are God’s masterpieces. I see my little girl, and she is perfect! I wouldn’t change anything about her, and every day that goes by I have less things on my list that I’d like to change about myself.

Ana Paula – Remember to always embrace yourself, take care of your health, enjoy your hair, be comfortable in your skin and love your body. The power to be beautiful lies not in the eyes of others, but in your own. As we said on the video, ” be unique, beautiful, bold, fearless….just be you!” There is no one like you! You are beautiful and PERFECT!

Thank you to these beautiful girls for taking their time to be a part of this video/post.




  • Ana – You are beautiful and I couldn’t be happier to have you as my sister!
  • Jessica – You’ve been stuck with me sense I was eleven, not that you had an option. Haha. Even after all this time with me you still decided to marry my brother in law. So I guess you must really love me!
  • Leah – We basically really met on your wedding day. Haha. I’m glad to have you as a friend.

I love you girls very much! Don’t forget that you are ALL BEAUTIFUL!




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