Christmas / Holiday Outfit Ideas

What to wear on Christmas day? A question I asked myself every year. Figuring out what you are going to wear can be a little difficult. I know this from personal experience. I never seem to know until the last moment and finding the perfect outfit can be a struggle. Don’t stress it! Lookchicblog reporting for duty! Ho-Ho-Ho.

Here are four outfit ideas that I created using a few of my favorite stores to help you create your own looks this Holidays. Let me know on the comments which one is your favorite.


If you love “sparkle”  this outfit is made for you! A Sequin dress is perfect to steal the spotlight at your Christmas party.  I particularly love this dress because the colors are neutral, chic and the geometric  sequin design really flatter your body .  I was basic with the accessories because the dress itself is “out there” enough. This is a look that will be impossible to forget.  If you don’t own a sequin dress and still want to “sparkle” this Christmas I would suggest buying this one or  wearing the famous “little black dress” that has been hiding in the back of your closet with a statement necklace and “sparkly” heels.

Links to all the above products below!

Dress         Shoes         Purse         Bracelet


This is my very favorite outfit. I love the look and need to go get this skirt for myself! Nothing says Christmas like the color red. Wear a plain black, white or champagne color fitting sweater/shirt with a red midi skirt and voilá! If you don’t own a red midi skirt you can always switch and wear a red shirt instead. If your sweater/shirt is plain a statement necklace will sure fix the problem and bring life to your look.

Links to all the above products below!

Sweater          Skirt           Shoes         Purse


Not having a party, just a family get together? Why not look cute and stylish while feeling extremely comfy. A Christmas sweater can be found basically anywhere. Pair it up with some skinny jeans and boots and you are ready for the day. This sweater has an adorable pattern and some sparkle on the shoulders for a little glam to the look.  Put a Christmas hat on and enjoy your family. 

Links to all the above products below!

Sweater         Jeans            Boots          Scarf            Hat



Did you just look at your closet and realize you don’t own anything from the outfits above? Well, I grantee you can create a similar look to this one! Sparkle the night away with a beautiful sequin top of any color, black skinnies and a jacket. It’s a simple outfit to make, but looks like you put a lot more effort to put it together.  I choose a gold top because I can’t be the only person that loves gold, right? It is one you will sure look beautiful!

Links to all the above products below!

Jeans            Jacket            Shirt            Heels            Purse

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